Etchings and Embers

Etchings and Embers (A Muirwood Novel)


Mairryn knows she will never be a learner at an Abbey. The sheltered daughter of a humble farmer, she dreams only of traveling the realms and learning from experiences, if not from tomes. But now she’s married to Earl Magnus Adair, and people are calling her Countess. After her father’s recent death and a season of storms that ravaged her family’s crops, the Earl’s proposal had seemed like the solution to their problems. But from the beginning, he’s far from a loving husband, and the nagging mystery of why he’d pursued her so relentlessly is never far from her mind.

Theobald Cirun, a young steward from Forshee, is given the unlikely task of teaching Mairryn to ride horseback. His lessons are one of the few highlights in her mostly-desolate days. Theobald opens her eyes to a whole new world, and soon Mairryn discovers her own connection to the Medium and the shocking answers to the mystery that’s plagued her.

But when Earl Magnus’s own horrifying secret is revealed, Mairryn must decide if she can make an impossible sacrifice for someone she loves. Someone only she can save. Someone she hasn’t met yet…

What Jeff Wheeler, author of the original Muirwood trilogy, had to say: “I’ve read all the new Muirwood stories on Kindle Worlds. What impressed me about this one is the author took a very minor character (Colvin’s Pry-rian steward ‘Theobald’ who gets maybe two or three mentions in the entire trilogy) and provides a wonderful and detailed story involving him and ties in several other mysterious elements of my plot. And not only that, she made it into a novel! This is exactly the kind of story I was hoping to see when I signed up for Kindle Worlds.”

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Tides and Tomes (Etchings and Embers: Book Two)


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