A Quick Update

Hi all!

I hope you’ve been enjoying your summer so far! I know many of you are making sure to pack in as much outdoor fun as possible (or as everyone’s busy schedules allow these days), especially if you live in the Midwest (like me) where the summer weather truly lasts but a short time. So, that said, here’s just a quick update on what I’ve been working on:

I recently did an interview with indie BRAG’s own Stephanie Hopkins. It’s live today, and you can check that out here. Thanks again to Stephanie!

I’ve signed on for a promotion with My Book Cave where subscribers can choose 3 books (including The Tree of Mindala) to download for free. Just to be clear, folks, these books are not being offered for free anywhere else during the promotion. The selection changes regularly, and The Tree of Mindala will be available there for free starting tomorrow, July 1st. All you have to do is subscribe to My Book Cave (it’s free!) and get to downloading! Couldn’t be simpler!

I’m working on a few writing projects simultaneously. It never occurred to me to do that, but it’s just kind of what happened. One story is vying for my attention one day, and another one is clamoring for it the next day. Now, I’m typically a very organized person, who has always believed that sticking to my carefully planned schedule is the most effective way to reach a goal. But along the way I’ve learned that the muse doesn’t really care about my schedule, and there’s something to be said for just going with the flow–literally, in this case 😉 And I certainly wouldn’t want to risk angering my muse. *Shudder* So I’m working on the conclusion to the Etchings and Embers series, and another new project in a different genre (more on that later), and of course Wunderwood Book 3 is also in the works. So stay tuned!

Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend everyone!


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